Names and Shorts of Marijuana

White Widow
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid
One of the world's favorite marijuana strains

Looks:  Fluffy buds, deep green, covered in a blanket of trichomes with reddish-orange hairs sprouting out.  Smell:  Strong, but sweet.
Taste:  Smooth, sort of fruity taste.
Effects:  Smoke in a spoon bowl, will creep up on you.  Happy, energized high.  Will last about 1 1/2 hours.

Potency:  Very potent
Good Strain For:  Appetite, Anxiety and Depression
White Widow

Big Bud
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid - Indica Dominant
Classic type of marijuana and a winner of the cannabis cup.

Looks:  Very big, light green, fairly frosty buds with very fine light orange frosted hairs.
Smell:  This bud is really dank smelling, almost musty.  Also, has some sweet undertones, and occasionally a bit of sour wafts.
Taste:  Sweet with a strong flavor of grapes.

Good Strain For:  Pain Relief
Big Bud

Grade: B+
Type: Sativa
Also a multiple award winner.  Has a bubblegum taste.

Looks:  Dense, crystallized.
Smell:  Not very strong, fruity.
Taste:  Smooth, earthy.
Effects:  Good for head, euphoric.

Good Strain For:  Headaches and Pain
Hollands Hope

Looks:  Hollands Hope is known for having purple coloring and dense buds.
Smell:  Fruity aroma a
Effects:  Euphoric, giggly, hungry and sleepy.

Moderate THC levels

Good Strain For:   Lack of appetite and assist with pain management.
Hollands Hope
Sour Diesel

Grade: A
Type: Sativa

Looks:  Very dark green body with a time of dark orange hairs through out, with a fair amount of crystals through out as well.
Smell:  The faint hint of sour grapes or a fruit bowl but when broken open it has a DFM smell to it.  Faint but there.
Taste:  Very sour but enjoyable.  Very smooth.
Effects:  You will be very clear, energetic and annoying pains go away.
Sour Diesel

Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Looks: Bright neon green with snow caps.  Neon orange hairs.  Some buds are almost pure white and bright orange with little green showing.
Smell:  Pungent baby diarrhea and rotten fruit with a slight dash of Exxon fuel.  Room creeker.
Taste:  Best taste ever.  Like mango Snapple with a hint of fresh Exxon with a dash of spice.  Super heavy vapor hits that bring on the medical effects instantly.  Very smooth on the throat and expands in the lungs.
Effects:  Day and Night time use.  Lasts twice as long as other strains.  Excellent for high tolerances.  Top shelf medicine and in the top 3 medical marijuana strains.
Potency:  Very Strong
Good for:  Depression, nausea, socializing, asthma and pain relief.
Silver Haze

Silver Haze marijuana is a tall plant with long super sticky buds due to it's mainly sativa marijuana strains background. By crossing the Haze aka Purple Haze, the most powerful Sativa in the world, to a non dominant Indica the marijuana growers managed to get the height and flowering time of the plant down to an acceptable level and still retain the unique Sativa qualities of the high. The buds are covered in THC glands, hence the name 'Silver Haze'. Has an intoxicating smell and taste!
Silver Haze
Mostly Sativa
Special Queen

The smoke from Special Queen feminized is that of a classic skunk stone. Mostly mental, Special Queen provides smokers
with an uplifting high that will relax even the most anxious stoners.

Tasting and smelling just like world-famous Skunk, Special Queen offers cerebral highs that boost the mood and ease anxiety.

Genetic background is Power Bud x Skunk
Effect Extremely stoned, long-lasting, body relaxing
Cannabinoid content is Medium-high
Type Sativa: 50% Indica: 50%
Special Queen
Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet is a "leggy" half Sativa - half Indica cross, named for her lush appearance.  Due to the lineage, this variety has also been known as Blueberry Thai.  The long branches sport lavender-red leaves and the buds have a trademark "fox tail" appearance.  The calyxes are large and striped.

Very enjoyable to the nose and palate, Blue Velvet's fragrance and flavor border between fruity and floral.  Expect an uplifting and euphoric experience with this variety.  The buzz gives both a head and body sensation, making it for daytime use, socializing with friends, or for creative solitary ventures.
Blue Velvet
  Indica 50%/Sativa 50%
Origins: Purple Thai / Afghan Indica
Cinderella 99

An extremely popular plant and multiple award winner, this plant is grown virtually world-wide. These plants are short and squat with a very high flower to leaf ratio. Resin and THC levels are high, but are not hard-hitting, though they are full of stamina. A mixture of several plants, Cinderella 99 has a tropical, fruity smell and taste.

Popular as both indoor and hydroponics plants, these do well for most growers in those situations. Cinderella 99 is most often prescribed for nausea, insomnia, and chronic (but light) pain symptoms.
Cinderella 99
Cinderella 99 Cinderella 99  Cinderella 99
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Hawaii Marijuana Super Nova (a.k.a. Chronic)
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Haze Swiss Miss  
Haze X Skunk Tatanka  
Hindu Kush Thai X Skunk
Holland Dutch Dope Tropicana
Indica Marijuana Turtle Power
Island Lady White Queen  
Kush White Widow
Kush X NL Yoruba Nigeria  
It is widely believed and accepted that the famous G13 cannabis originated from the United States government (DEA, FBI, CIA), who allegedly ran a cannabis research institute in rural Mississippi in the 1960's and 70's. Reports were made that a "rebel" government worker stole a clone of a pure Afghani strain of cannabis and distributed it to various connections around the United States. This is mostly untrue however. What is known is that a man who went by the name of Sandy Weinstein had a connection at the government funded cannabis research facility conducted at the University of Mississippi. When a man by the name of Neville Schoenmakers one way or another convinced Mr. Weinstein to persuade his friend at the lab to obtain a strain of prime cannabis. It is said that there was a batch of pure Indica Afghani strains of marijuana. These strains were labeled G1 all the way to G23. The G13 strain that was obtained, cloned and distributed by Schoenmakers is said to have been of much higher quality than any of the other Afghanis.

This strain grows rapidly with the majority of large, tri-chrome-rich buds congregating on the stem. It also has minimal to no side-branching. This strain gives off a powerfully thick, dank aroma.

Unlike most Indicas, G13 will not lock you hopelessly on your couch, bed or bean bag. This has excellent pain relieving properties, providing the patients with a strong body high and simultaneously giving an uplifting, joyful state of medication.
Agent Orange Good For:
Agent Orange Agent Orange
Medicinal Use: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY) Noticeable pain relief for both back and limbs also one for antisocial aliments and relaxation.
A real strong starter, spacey scatterbrained ride with a loss of mental and auditory focus. A solid mix of Indica and Sativa. Comfortable influx and outflow of pressure on my head (a sort of Wah Wah effect), followed by an energetic silliness and overall good feeling. The second half was much different, scattered thoughts and forgetfulness remained but with a more somber and relaxed feeling taking prevalence.
Arguably on of the best tasting medications around, Sour Grapes also has a potency that few other strains are able to compete with.

The sweet, sour, grapey and candy-like flavor of this Indica-dominant bud is followed by a most euphoric body high that won't land you in a hopeless case of couch-lock but it will make laying down extremely comfortable.

Uplifting, joyful cerebral effects are also commonly experienced by patients who medicate with this weed.  This strain may not be the cheapest one at
your local dispensary, but it is likely the most potent.

Favored by growers, this heavenly bud rewards those who cultivate her with a yield not only packed to the brim with potency, but can produce up to 2 pounds when grown in an indoor environment.
Bubblegum BUBBLE GUM
Looks: Light green with lots of bright orange hairs.  The buds are kind of airy.  Has TONS of crystals that look like snow.

Smell: When the jar is cracked it smells similar to a piece of old school bazooka bubblegum.  When its ground up it has a strong citrus like smell with hints
of manufactured plastic and bazooka bubble gum.

Taste: Has a decent sweet and wet earthy taste on the inhale, similar tot he smell before it's ground up.  The exhale tastes like burnt campfire leaves.  The taste on the exhale is from the grow and the strain, as bubblegum before that tasted like bubblegum
chewing gum.

Effects: Night time use.  Provided powerful medicinal effects.  Worked great for pain, relaxing and anti-anxiety.

Medi Bud is a new marijuana strain bred with medical use in mind.  Sold in Dutch pharmacies as prescription medicine.

Not to much information online about the Medi Bud strain and lots of requests for pictures.  I have a Medi Bud growing now and will be posting pictures of her
as she grows up.  Our patients are going to love this.

Medi Bud will leave you with a strong calming and relaxing effect.

Fresh sweet, sticky Sensimilla buds. 
Sensimilla does not refer to a particular breed or
strain of plant. Any female marijuana plant which is prevented from becoming fertilized will produce flowers without seeds. This contributes to a higher
THC content in the harvest because none of the buds have had a chance to turn into seeds. This also contributes to the quality and rarity of Sensimilla product because an unfertilized sensi-yeilding plant is unable to reproduce (until fertilized).
The term "Sensimilla" is broken down to translate in Spanish as "without seeds" (sin semilla), however the term was coined and popularized in the context of marijuana culture by California growing regions. (which have strong Spanish/Mexican cultural influence)
Sensimilla, or Sensi, is the term for flowers produced from a female plant that has not been fertilized and does not contain seeds (literally ‘sin semilla’
translated from Spanish as ‘without seed’). Usually very potent marijuana as none of the buds have
turned into seeds and lost their THC.

Ask Bud Merchant about Sensimilla.
Northern Lights Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is one of the most potent and famous indica variations on the name, there are only
3 pure types from the original development of
Northern Lights, which Sensi was lucky to acquire.


Bud Merchant

The Monte Moore Show

Is named after the Star Trek Romulans with ridged foreheads because the high can dent your head.  A very strong Indica, couch lock and trouble concentrating is virtually guaranteed.  Romulan is a great pain reliever for medical users.  
Romulan is an Afghani-dominant marijuana strain that was developed by Vietnam veteran and biker Romulan Joe, also known by his nickname Mendocino Joe. 
Romulan is one of the few pure, or nearly pure Indica strains with a background of more than 90% Indica.  Romulan has a pleasant and complex odor.  The scent is best described as a pungent, sweet and spicy herb smell.  THC level around 20%.

  Notice The Large Fan Leafs
Kush Kush
Grade: A
Type: Indica
Looks: Super dense buds that look like mini golf balls.  Bright green loaded with crystals and bright orange hair.
Kush and fresh pine. Just like it smells. Standard Kush taste is agreeable!
Good Strain For: Pain, Headaches, Anti-Anxiety, Relaxing, Asthma, Insomnia and Appetite Stimulation.  Superb medicinal strain.  Potency is very strong.
Strong Kush smell with a hint of pine and a dash of skunk.
Effects:  Night time use.  Powerful narcotic like stone.  
Himalayan Haze  
Great strain that has a strong stone.

Relieve stress and pain.
A blend of Himalayan alpine flowers with a hint of the tropics.  Fruity freshness that feels light, with a tang.  Small sticky crystals fill the plant's flower, so the feeling is a sticky sweetness.
Strong yellow hairs that are long and flat.  Misty crystal structure set on a pale green bud.  Compact form with great size colas.
Purple Haze
Purple Haze Thai / Colombian Haze crossed with Dutch Skunk
Grade: A Good Strain For:
Sever pain.  Depression.
Type: Sativa
(a hint of Indica)
Vivid purple with bright green leaves and an ample coating of bright orange hairs.
The most Purple" taste of  any medicine.  Grape candy on the inhale, and earthy sandalwood incense on the exhale.  Almost exactly like the smell.
Extremely aromatic with smells ranging from heady incense to a woodsy, almost sandalwood incense on the exhale. 
Very soaring, hasty, euphoric effect that is not all edgy or uncomfortable.  Very long lasting with a mellow descent.
Very strong with pronounced psychedelic imagery.  Not for the faint of heart, at least in the initial stages of taking the medicine.
Rock Star Rock Bud/Sensi Star
The "Star" in Rock Star is the multi-award-winning Sensi Star, a potent Indica with a slightly cerebral, Sativa-influenced stone. This Star's "Rock" is not music-related, but rather the Soma A+ mother.
White Widow with Kush
White Widow - Kush
Afghan Kush x White Widow is known because of its high therapeutic value and the density of its beautiful with glands covered buds crossed with a stabilized White Widow. This gives us a compact plant, middle height with a great amount of trichomes. White Widow is a real benediction for therapeutic uses and with the combination with Afghan Kush makes this strain highly recommended for medical use. Good Strain For:
White Widow is a real benediction for therapeutic uses and with the combination with Afghan Kush makes this strain highly recommended for medical use. It is most often given for Cachexia, Hepatitis C, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
AK47 Hybrid-Sativa Dominant
Grade: A- Good Strain For:
Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain Relief, Relaxing.
Has a weird distinct taste.  It tastes like the way an old crawl space smells - sweet musty taste with a hint of pine.  Doesn't taste as good as it smells.
Dark yellowish green buds completely covered in an avalanche of crystals.  Very little hairs, what hairs are present are a dark amber red and are only visible when breaking up the buds.
Strong pungent skunky smell mixed with berry fruit, diesel exhaust and diesel fuel.
Day time use with a THC tolerance, night time use only with a low tolerance.
Candy Kush Medical Marijuana Candy Kush Bud
Candy Kush (Kandy Kush) Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Candy Kush (Kandy Kush)cannabis make your medicine taste good, and she's also loaded with heavy crystals that frost over her entirely. Her scent and taste is genuinely Californian; like sweet lemons, making you want to just keep toking and toking her! She's a true beauty that you'll really enjoy spending time with.

      Marijuana Is Medicine
Good Strain For:
Pain-Killing Mind-Clearing Medicinal Relief From Stress!
The Candy Kush (Kandy Kush)strain of marijuana is a modern medicinal blessing that combines the powerful effects of both Trainwreck and OG Kush. The OG Kush makes her stretch tall and the Trainwreck makes her develop fat, sticky buds along those lengthy internodes. Kandy Kush cannabis make your medicine taste good, and she's also loaded with heavy crystals that frost over her entirely.
Headband (aka - Sour Kush)  
Looks: Dense, orange hairs, darker green but no lack of crystals. Smell: Light pine smell.
Taste: Potent pepper at first, then drifts into a piney taste that lingers on the tongue. Effects: Spaced out after hit, followed by random thoughts.
Good Strain For: Tension, headaches, anxiety and appetite.  
Purple Mr. Nice Guy Mr. Nice Macro
Purple Mr. Nice Guy Lineage: G13xHash Plant
Type: Hybrid - Indica Dominant
This strain has an earthy taste with a little bit of fruitiness to it.
Nug Description:
Dense green and purple nuggets.
Good Strain For: Relaxing. Mellow high along with a bit of a body buzz.  Not too strong but it does the job. Great for social gatherings. Purple Mr. Nice Guy
Matanuska Tundra

Indica - Sativa
Alaskan Hybrid

This is a chocolate taste strain
Matanuska Tundra
Acquired from the Matanuska Valley in northern Alaska and given to Sagarmatha Seeds. Matanuska Tundra is also known as Alaskan Thunderfuck and Matanuska Thunderfuck. The name change to “Tundra” is appropriate since it’s the Alaskan word for grassland, which makes perfect sense, since Matanuska Tundra is grass from Alaska’s grasslands. An indica plant, that has large leaves, but this strain stays short and bushy. Dense pores form frosty glacier coats of THC crystals completely covering the buds. Alaskan Thunderfuck is recommended to be grown best indoors. With an almost Kush look and appeal, nugs are dense all through, crystal packed to the stem. Definitely carries the Alaskan's scent and rich chocolate flavor. Smooth smoking with an herbal after taste. Very good for people with eating problems and considered a creeping high
Buddha's Sister Cannabis Strain
Indica 80% / Sativa 20%
Origins: Reclining Buddha x Afghani Hawaiian
Top Medical Use: Stress
Top Effect: Euphoric
Negative: Dry Eyes
Chemical Content:
CBD: 0.99%
CBN: 0.1%
CBC: 0%
THC: 12.77%
THCV: 0%
Buddha's Sister
Its previous name Soma Skunk V+ did not give the needed mileage to it so Soma Seeds renamed it Buddha's Sister to represent better the genetics that it contains as well as to introduce something familiar to ganja lovers.
This botanical sibling of Siddartha is tall and lanky.  In the cross with Afghani Hawaiian, she has gained considerably in yield, but has lost some of the sweetness of her other half, the Reclining Buddha.  A mostly indica variety, Buddha's Sister tends to make lots of side branches, so she is better to grow as a multi-branch plant instead of in a sea of green.