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Marijuana lights or grow lights are used in indoor cultivation to replace the sun, or in areas where the sun just doesn't shine enough. There are many types of marijuana grow lights used in cultivation. Generally, the rule is the more light the better. All lights however, were not created equal for this purpose. For marijuana lighting, standard bulb or halogen lights simply won't cut the mustard. The frequency and color of light it emits are just not right for the grow room. Large scale or commercial growers, will often use special fluorescent lights due to their relatively low electricity consumption and cheap replacement bulbs. These can work alright however, the grow lights of choice for marijuana cultivation are usually metal halides and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. These lights are much more expensive and use far more electricity but do produce far better results.

Metal halides produce light in the blue spectrum making them ideal for marijuana in the vegetative period. HPS emit light in the yellow/orange spectrum. These frequencies are ideal for the flowering or budding phase. So what's the best marijuana lights to use? Growers will often use a metal halide throughout the growing process and bring in a high pressure sodium lamp just for the budding phase. Though, frankly, either can be used quite effectively through the entire growing process. Unless you really know what you are doing, its best to only use fluoros in the germination process.
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OK you have your Medical Marijuana Program ID and now you want to grow your own medicine.  You have a green thumb and you have been growing successful plants and vegetation for years...STOP!
When growing your own marijuana, there are a number of questions especially the first time you grow...Here’s a few answers.
My cannabis leaves have whitish spots on them is that OK?
NO, white spots on the tops of the leaves is not ok…White spots on your weed is probably means you have spider mites under the leaves, they are very hard to see, they just look like black dots on the underside of leaves, but if you watch them, or nudge them with your fingernail they will usually move, spider-mites can wipe out your crop.
Will cannabis clones take root in under a 12 hour light cycle?
Clones don’t need light to root, if you try to grow clones in just 12 flowering cycle, if they do root, they will go straight into flowering cycle, and you would get just a small bud to harvest.
Should I cut off dead weed leaves, what about dying leaves, damaged leaves?
YES, dead, dying, or damaged leaves encourage insects and diseases to get into your cannabis plants, cut them off regularly.
Vegetative state:
18 hours or more of light per day, until marijuana plants are about 15-20 inches high.
Flowering cycle: 12 hours dark, 12 hours light each day, kicks the marijuana plant into the flowering cycle, within 2 weeks, for most strains, and the flowers or buds are what you want to harvest.
What do I need to start cloning marijuana?
To begin cloning you will need a mother plant. A mother plant is the plant all of the cuttings will be taken from. It should exhibit qualities such as fast growth, high potency, mold and pest resistance. The mother should be kept in vegetative growth all the time under a MH light. Other things that will be needed are small plate, a shallow tray that will hold about three inches of water. An aquarium air pump, rooting hormone and high P fertilizer. Light will be provided by fluorescents hung seven inches above the plant tops
What are the advantages of cloning marijuana?
Cloning is the process of making an exact copy of a living thing, in this case a marijuana plant. Cloning has many advantages to offer the advanced grower: first, the process of germination can be skipped over, saving valuable time. Second, the exact genetics of your best female can be preserved forever. Third, growers will save money by not having to purchase seeds every year.

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Baby Clones
Happy Healthy Babies
Baby Clones
Happy Healthy Babies
Baby Clones
Some species of marijuana can take up to
14 days to begin rooting, be patient. Don’t try pulling them out to see if they have roots yet, if they are healthy and happy
Please visit your local Hydro store for nutrients
If you don't you're plants will waste with hunger!
For organic only growers may we suggest
Questions: 602.451.4771